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Integration of Sustainability & Management Approach

While external forces evolve and key issues shift, internal foundations of sustainability build resilience into an organization and provide the foresight to prepare for the road ahead. This service provides organization leadership with tools to utilize existing sustainability reports to strengthen the organization as a whole.

Strategic Development

The reporting process helps identify risks and opportunities and provides feedback on progress toward strategic objectives. A sustainability strategy goes beyond the practice of annual reporting, utilizing the report as a barometer for long-term goals and value creation. Enterprise-level risk assessments help to determine the most relevant demands on the organization and set strategy accordingly. ISOS Group will help you and your organization with:

  • Risk and opportunity analysis

  • Climate scenario analysis

  • Development of key performance indicators

  • Setting goals and science-based targets

  • Guidance for data collection and performance tracking

  • Planning for senior-level involvement in ESG issues

  • Establishing ESG-based performance incentives

Management Systems

Sustainability is an ongoing journey for any organization. With each reporting cycle, data collection processes can improve and stakeholder engagement can deepen. ISOS Group meets organizations where they are and can help get them where they want to be. This process can help your organization demonstrate progress and a commitment to ongoing improvement. ISOS Group’s team can deliver a range of services:

  • Sustainability Management Plan (SMP) development

  • Environmental Management System (EMS) (ISO 14000 Family)

  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory Management Plan (GHG IMP)

  • ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility

  • Internal controls on data and information (COSO Framework)

  • Sustainability policy development

  • Value chain mapping and analysis

  • Employee and external stakeholder engagement

  • Impact assessment practices

  • Process improvement